Monday, March 26, 2012

Lucidity Follow-up

Well, now that it's over a year lucid dreams attempts never really resulted in anything. I'm only writing about it because I promised a follow-up, actually. It's mostly because I didn't find an adequate veilcracker, and ended up forgetting, though I just used my watch for a while. I can almost always dream lucidly if I take a nap during the day in an upright position, though, so I have often done that between classes at school. I think the main thing that would help the most is if I got back into keeping a dream journal. Hopefully I'll get into it more, as I've set a few goals to get in the habit of doing things, such as this, writing in journals, FamilySearch indexing, exercising, etc. Today was the first day for most of them, but I have relatives over, so I might not have time to do everything, depending on what we do tonight. Anyway, if anything ever comes of my lucid dreaming attempts, I'll be posting about it here, but otherwise I probably won't say too much more on the matter.

P.S. I'm turning that poll about all-nighters back on, as I'm curious about it...

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